About the Guru

Hello I’m Nicole!

Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy your time on here, as much as I enjoy writing what I post! I am currently twenty years old, and am studying English, Sociology and Professional Writing and Communications at the University of Toronto.

In my free time, I work at the Apple Store, and like spending time with friends and my dog LucNicole and Luckyky—I know—Lucky Penny. Our family gets all the points for that name. Look left to see a picture of myself and my little white snowball. I also enjoy reading, listening to
music and watching hockey during the winter months with my dad. Go Habs Go!

But by being on this blog, you’re probably interested in why I’m writing and how I stumbled upon this topic.

When I was younger my parents would have an occasional glass of wine with dinner, which always resulted in me going

Nicole and Dad

Dad and I during the apple picking adventure.

“Dad, may I please test a sip?”
… and ending with a hugely over exaggerated “YUCKK!”

As I got a little older, I wanted to try some wines again, and my dad introduced me to
a couple of his favourites. After a nice fall day of apple picking and pasta eating, he opened a bottle of Zonte’s Footsteps, and it was hands down the best wine I’ve had. I would have a glass now and then with them, but only started to really like them recently!

Dad’s a pretty cool guy, and is willing to try new wines with me if he’s in the mood. I decided to write this blog after acquiring a taste to this new culture, and really took an interest in how wines were made, why certain celebrities were so into them, and what it meant to be a master of wines.

Here's a photo of the coolest peeps in my life cheering for the Habs!

Here’s a photo of the coolest peeps in my life cheering for the Habs!

I don’t just talk about wine and how it’s made- that would be boring, right? Throughout my searching, I found a ton of cool stuff and felt compelled to share to others who may also be potentially interested.

I love certain TV shows and some of those have wines in them with some super cool information! For example, did you know that the wines in the TV show Scandal from creator Shonda Rhimes, is all fake wines, created by a company designed to make unreal food brands? Crazy, right!

Keep checking back here for updates, and leave your email address so you know when those are posted!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy wine sipping my friends!



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